Nic-Hit Pro

Electronic Cigarette Case (for all E-Cigs)

Luxury Velvet-Like Lining

Sturdy Metal Construction

Spaces for each E-Cig component

Our luxury E-Cig case has spaces specifically designed to hold an E-Cig battery, 2 cartridges and a USB charger. It features a premium design with a metal exterior and a luxury velvet-like finish on the inside. Cushioning protects the contents inside, and the case is conveniently about the same size as a pack of cigarettes. The perfect case for any E-Cig user, this makes it easy to keep track of your E-Cig and transport it safely.

Please note that as our Geneva and Tobacco Vertigo cartridges are larger than our other ranges, they do not fit in the cartridge spaces in this case (but two do fit in the battery space).

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