Innokin MVP3 Pro 60W 4,500mAh Battery

Extreme 60W of Variable Power (ideal for Sub-Ohm: upto 100x More Vapour)

Incredible 4,500mAh Battery Capacity (double most others)

Use to charge Mobiles, Tablets & More

Advanced LCD Screen & Vape While Charging

Unbelievable 4,500mAh Battery Capacity

So much capacity it charges your phone & tablets!

Immense Power for the Ultimate Sub-ohm Vape/div>
Vary the Power to Increase or Decrease Vapour Levels & Intensity

Choose from 2 beautiful battery colours

Advanced LCD Screen

Perfectly suited for our wide range of premium clearomizers

Use with a sub-ohm tank (isub, atlantis) for billowing vapour more satisfying than smoking!

Use with an Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer (Gladius, iSub, Atlantis) For Totally Customisable Vapour

Customise Your Vapour Further With Different Resistance Options

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