Realism Pro Silver Starter Kit - Hyper Real Vapour, Fast Charge, Pro Power

Next-generation Hyper-Real Vapour

Engineered to give the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette

Twist-on pre-filled refills
Fast-Charge Pro-Power battery

The world's latest technology,
in a cig-size device

Realism Pro Silver ushers in an entire new generation of E-Cig technology. Taking the power of much larger devices, we've used the power to give Hyper-Real Vapour, Hit & Satisfaction, rather than huge clouds of vapour. Then we miniaturised the technology down to cigarette size! Realism Pro is engineered to offer the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette. Fast-Charge to 80% in around 30min and enjoy pre-filled refills that never leak and have 2 windows so you can see how much E-Liquid is left. This kit contains 2 refills, 1 Fast-Charge battery and 1 USB Charger.

What’s Inside?
Inside you’ll find everything you need to start enjoying Hyper-Real Vapour:

  • 1 Fast-Charge Pro-Power Steel Battery, high 280mAh capacity
  • 2 Twist-on No-leak Refills - choose either Bold Smoky Tobacco 20mg & Original Tobacco 18mg, or Menthol 20mg & Menthol 18mg
  • 1 Fast-Charge USB charger

Hyper-Real Vapour | Hit | Satisfaction
We have specifically engineered Realism Pro to give the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette. This is the world's latest technology, providing warm, thick vapour with smoke-like texture, coming as close to cigarettes as possible.

Our Realism Pro refills are available in 5 strengths from 20mg to 0mg, though only 20mg & 18mg are included in this kit as this is what you'll likely need when switching from smoking.

Fast-Charge to 80% in around 30 minutes
For ultra-convenience plug the charger into any USB socket (such as on a computer), or combine with our wall charger or car charger to provide fast-charging options almost anywhere.

Pro-Power Battery
Realism Pro batteries contain a unique and specially designed battery cell, to provide the Pro levels of power and fast-charging that Realism Pro offers. The battery has a large 280mAh capacity, capable of lasting 1 day for many users, and is backed by our 3 month warranty.

Get Even Better Value with a Deluxe or Platinum Kit
Upgrading to our Deluxe Kit is perhaps the better choice over this Starter Kit if you plan to be a serious user. It includes an extra battery so you can always keep one charged and never be caught short of power. In addition there is an extra USB charger so you can have one upstairs at home and one downstairs or at work. You also get an extra 7 refills, making 9 in total - giving you more than 4x longer vaping compared with the 2 carts in this Starter Kit (which could translate into enough refills for around a week instead of just 1-2 days).

Or get everything you need with our Platinum Kit. It features all of the Deluxe kit plus another extra pack of 5 cartridges (so 14 in total, which could last around 10-14 days), a handy Fast-Charge car charger and a mains wall charger for faster charging times + no need for a computer USB socket.

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