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Brexit: EU/EEA/Jersey/Guernsey Customers, We have you covered

Enjoy direct-to-your-door orders via DHL with all taxes paid, or take off the 20% VAT at checkout and enjoy FREE shipping

Now Brexit has happened, we are no longer required to charge 20% VAT to customers in the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Guernsey and Jersey, but you may then be charged import taxes when your order reaches you. So, we have two options for EU/EEA etc customers:

  1. We will pay all your taxes for orders sent with DHL (including your import duty for free!) so your parcel will fly through straight to your door with no hassle for you. Simply continue paying VAT at checkout as normal and choose DHL/Express Courier for shipping (only currently works with these but should become available with FREE Royal Mail/post shipping by Feb/Mar; excludes Slovenia).
  1. Take off the 20% VAT from your payment amount when you order and enjoy our free/£1.99 shipping options, but you may have to pay VAT and Duty to your post service when your parcel reaches you/your border (works with Royal Mail and Express Courier/DHL; includes Slovenia).

Option 1: We will pay all your VAT and Duty for you (for complete simplicity)

If you select Express Courier/DHL shipping at checkout, we will pay all import taxes (VAT and Duty) on your behalf. This means your parcel will fly straight through customs to you, without you having to do anything when it reaches your border or you. To use this option do NOT use the code below to take off the VAT as otherwise your parcel will have to be sent without VAT and Duty pre-paid.

This will give you the same seamless ordering experience you are used to, with your parcel arriving directly with no hassle. It also means we are paying your import duty for you for free, at no cost to you! 

This option currently only works with Express Courier/DHL, so if you are not using the code below to take off your VAT, don't forget to choose 'Express Courier' or DHL shipping at checkout (otherwise your order could be held up while we contact you to determine if you want to upgrade to DHL shipping or want the VAT refunded).

Note the above excludes orders to Slovenia due to the very excessive duty rate imposed by the Slovenian authorities. You can however remove 20% VAT from your order total using option 2 below.

Option 2: Pay no VAT now (needed for free/£1.99/Royal Mail options)

If you are in the EU (which now excludes the UK), EEA, Switzerland, Guernsey or Jersey, you can take the 20% VAT off your orders using discount code 'NOVAT' at checkout. This means the price you pay MagicMist will be lower by excluding the 20% VAT. If you do this, you may then be charged your local VAT and duty when your parcel reaches you or your border. This may involve your local post service contacting you before delivery.

Please note the ‘NOVAT’ code is strictly not a discount, the system treats it purely as removal of VAT from your order.

You must use this option for free/£1.99 EU delivery
You must use the 'NOVAT' code if you want to use any of our free, £1.99 or other Royal Mail/post delivery options, as Royal Mail's partner post services in Europe currently only have the option to charge VAT and Duty when your parcel enters your country (Royal Mail are planning to launch a service by Feb/Mar that will change this and as soon as they do we will launch it so you can enjoy taxes paid with free Royal Mail shipping).

If you remove taxes with this code, and choose Express/DHL shipping, your parcel will be sent by DHL without taxes pre-paid
As the 'NOVAT' code strips out charging taxes, if you use this code and choose 'Express Courier' or DHL shipping at checkout, we will have to send your order with DHL as taxes not paid, as taxes were removed from the order.

This means DHL are likely to contact you when your parcel reaches you or your border for payment of the taxes, so it will be more convenient for you to not use the code if you are using DHL/Express shipping - this way your parcel will be delivered hassle-free direct to your door.

You can't remove taxes in the UK
If you are shipping your order to the UK, you can't remove VAT using this code as VAT legally has to be charged. If you somehow manage to use the code for a UK order, our system will have to cancel the order as it would not be legal to send it to the UK. (This applies even if you are a business, as with any other purchase you must pay the VAT at point of sale and then claim it back on your VAT return).

Only if you are an existing customer who has not previously ordered to an EU country, the NOVAT code won’t work online the first time
New and existing EU customers can order online with the 'NOVAT' discount code perfectly, with no issues. If, however, you are an existing customer who has NEVER ordered a parcel from us to an EU country before, but need to now send an order to an EU country, then due to a technical quirk the 'NOVAT' code will not work the first time you use it.

Simply call us on +44 (0)3300 011 077 or email and we can remove the VAT for you before you order. You'll be able to use the 'NOVAT' code online after that.


The best of all worlds?

Either way we hope we have you covered with these two options. You can enjoy the simplicity of direct to your door parcels with DHL or continue to enjoy our free shipping for larger orders by taking the VAT off when you checkout with us and paying taxes when your parcel reaches you.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can reach us on 03300 011 077 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri) or While this may all sound a bit complicated, we can easily find a solution for you.