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Solve E-Cig Issues

Getting very low or no vapour?

1. Ensure Battery is Charged
First ensure your battery is charged. Ideally try your cartridge or clearomiser with another battery – if it works you know the first battery is out of charge or defective.

Otherwise check the battery’s light when you inhale – if it doesn’t come on or flashes quickly the battery has run out of charge.

2. Remove Cartridge or Clearomiser Blockages
If you have a vapouriser device (such as an Ego, Evod or iTaste), unscrew the clearomiser from the battery and blow hard down the mouthpiece to clear any air bubbles in the E-Liquid.

If you have a regular E-Cig, unscrew the cartridge from the battery. Tap it forcefully, thread-side down, on a hard surface. This should un-settle any dried E-Liquid. Then clear the air passages by re-attaching the cartridge to the battery and placing the LED end of the battery in your mouth (the side you don’t inhale from). Blow hard 2-3 times down the battery – you should see vapour leave the cartridge. Then put the usual end of the E-Cig in your mouth and suck air through 2-3 times. You may have to repeat this a few times.

If the issue is still not solved, put the usual end of the E-Cig in your mouth and blow hard into the cartridge. You’ll feel the cartridge becoming warm as it heats up. When it gets hot it should vapourise anything that’s clogging it.

3. Check Cartridge or Clearomiser Works
If the cartridge or clearomiser still produces low or no vapour, check it with a battery you know is charged, now you’ve removed any blockages. If you still don’t get a good quantity of vapour, then the cartridge or clearomiser has reached the end of its life.

If the cartridge or clearomiser does work with the new battery, then there is an issue with your current battery we can try and resolve below.

4. Clean the Battery
Check the screw thread end of the battery to ensure it is clean and dry. If there is any E-Liquid, use a tissue or cotton-bud to clean and dry the battery. If you fill your own cartridges, potentially you could have overfilled and this could enter the battery. If so, shake the battery (thread down) to try and discard any E-liquid. Then leave the battery to dry for a day or two.

Use a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol to swab the threads and contacts of the battery. To ensure the battery does not get damaged by the alcohol, do not soak the cotton-bud with alcohol, just keep it damp. Dry the area with tissue afterwards.

If there is any other residue, get a piece of paper and roll it so that one end has a point. Use this point to clean any hard to reach areas in the screw thread and around the battery contacts. Blow off any loosened residue.

5. Pull Up the Battery Centre-Pin
If the battery still doesn’t work, then its centre-pin that connects to the cartridge may have been pushed in too far by being screwed tightly onto chargers or cartridges. Place a pin or needle in the space between that centre-pin and the thread walls around it. Hold the pin at an angle and try and lift up the centre piece. Going around the centre piece a few times should lift it up.

When charging or attaching cartridges, we recommend that you don’t screw the battery on too tight.

6. New Battery
If the battery still doesn’t work then it’s probably reached the end of its life. Batteries are a consumable component, but should last 3-6 months. If you purchased your from us within the last 3 months then please contact us for a replacement under your MagicMist Warranty.

Want to maximise the lifespan of your cartridges?

To improve the lifespan of your cartridges follow these simple tips:

  • Protect your E-Cig with a carry case. When walking around with an E-Cig in your pocket, the air movement can cause the E-Cigarette to automatically activate as if it is being inhaled, which wastes the E-Liquid in the cartridge. The MagicMist case is luxurious, protects your E-Cig from this effect and is a bargain price.
  • Keep your E-Cigarette horizontal when possible, this allows the E-Liquid to remain evenly distributed, rather than working its way to one end of the cartridge.
  • Cartridges should be stored between 15 and 23 degrees, at around 20-30% humidity. Extreme temperatures or humidity can cause the E-Liquid to evaporate and reduce the cartridge’s lifespan.
  • Cartridges should be stored airtight, so don’t remove them from packaging until you’re ready to use them.
  • If you’re not planning to use an opened cartridge for more than a day, remove it from the cigarette and replace the two rubber caps that protected it when new. Then store both the battery and cartridge inside a protective, airtight E-Cig case such as the MagicMist case.
  • Consume an opened cartridge within 5 days. The longer it’s opened, the more chance the environment has to evaporate the E-Liquid and reduce what’s available for you to consume.
  • Try to use your cartridges within 6 months of receiving them. For the very best performance we recommend using them within 2-3 months.