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BREXIT has no impact on us serving Northern Ireland in the same way we always have

We are fully able to send orders to Northern Ireland as normal, with no delays or customs work on your side. This includes up to AND after April 2021.

You will receive your orders just as quickly as before, in exactly the same way, with no extra paperwork or taxes or anything different (except perhaps quite a few more markings on your package!).

As a result of Brexit, everything theoretically stays the same for Great Britain to be able to send parcels to Northern Ireland. But in reality more paperwork and customs declarations will be required (at our end, nothing changes for you at your end).

MagicMist are fully prepared and hold all necessary and relevant Authorisations and Registrations to deliver parcels to Northern Ireland just as quickly as before.

We hold Authorisation from the UK Government that our goods are Not At Risk of entering the EU, which means our parcels will not be assessed for import duty tax charges when reaching the NI border and these taxes can NOT be charged. (Your UK VAT is already collected by us and this will continue as normal, so VAT will also not need to be charged when your parcel reaches the NI border).

We have a Northern Ireland XI EORI number issued by the UK Government to enable to us to move goods in/out and around Northern Ireland, the UK and the EU, and we are registered with the NI TSS.

So we have everything in place to complete and submit our customs declarations for your parcels when they reach NI (this is just paperwork to record goods movements, with no financial implication for you).

There is nothing you will need to do.

This change on our side was due to be from 1st Jan 2021, but will now be from 1st April 2021*. While we will have to do these extra steps then, there is and will be nothing new for you to do; your parcel will still arrive just as quickly as normal. This applies to both (and all) dates.

*Despite the fact we are fully prepared, in case you have any remaining doubts, the government have just announced that internet orders sent from Great Britain to NI will be exempt from all the authorisations, registrations and declarations that should now be required until at least 1st April 2021. So while MagicMist is fully prepared, the Government says any unprepared business can continue to operate as before and even their parcels will get to NI fine with no delays! Their guidance states:

"Northern Ireland residents receiving goods from Great Britain

If you are a Northern Ireland resident, you can continue to receive goods from Great Britain as you usually do, with no new requirements."

"Businesses in Great Britain sending goods to Northern Ireland residents and businesses

If you are sending any [non-restricted/prohibited] goods you can continue to do so as usual, with no new requirements."


So even though we are ready, no-one needs to be ready until at least 1st April 2021. And we will still be ready then :)

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can reach us on 03300 011 077 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri) or email