Nic-Hit Pro

Electronic Cigarette Car Charger (for all E-Cigs)

Charge While Driving

2 Sockets to also charge your phone

Offers 2.1a Fast-Charge

Save up to 50%

Our car charger lets you plug your USB charger in to any standard car, van, HGV or boat cigarette lighter socket. It offers 2.1a Fast-Charge and has 2 sockets so you can charge your phone at the same time as your E-Cig!

Our E-Cig Car Charger is compatible with both 12v (e.g. cars) and 24v (e.g. HGVs). It is made of the highest quality and backed by our 12 month warranty. Please note this doesn’t include the actual USB charger to attach to your E-Cig – available from us separately.

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