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E-Cigaret Blank Cartridges by MagicMist

Highest Quality Atomizer

Generates Thickest Vapour

Save up to 60%

We've developed the ultimate blank cartridges based on users' feedback. We are the original E-Liquid specialist and our extensive research and careful crafting has created the very finest atomizers for these cartridges. Our Bristol cartridges are specifically designed and engineered to be used with E-Cigaret batteries.

Blank cartridges contain no E-Liquid - they are a cheaper way for you to refill cartridges yourself with any of our 30 incredible flavours of E-Liquid. You can find our pre-filled cartridges in our online shop's cartridges category, or save money with these by refilling them multiple times.

Upgrade to MagicMist blank cartridges for E-Cigaret batteries today and enjoy the thickest-vaping blank cartridges available. Our premium atomizers create the ultimate throat-hit and when combined with our E-Liquid offer the best taste and most realistic smoking experience possible.

Our blank cartomizers aren't affiliated with E-Cigaret. Indeed, we've used customer feedback and conducted extensive research to develop and enhance our cartridges to provide the most satisfying and realistic vaping experience possible. We use the highest-quality atomizers to provide maximum vapour and taste and the best reliability.

Our E-Cigaret compatible blank cartridges are available in white and black colour, each perfectly complemented by our range of white and black batteries. Our packs contain 5 cartridges and we offer significant savings for bulk purchases.

Blank cartridges need to be filled with E-Liquid. This saves you money as you can re-use the cartridge multiple times until the Atomizer wears out. When filling, we recommend you understand the effects of over-filling, and use around 45-55 drops of E-Liquid, allowing it to absorb into the filling material which may take a minute or two. We also sell pre-filled cartridges which offer the ultimate convenience - when a cartridge runs out just unscrew it and screw on a new one.

For upto 5x higher battery capacity and 15x more vapour creation, check out our range of Ego & iTaste vapourizers, which are also available with Variable Voltage technology - allowing you to adjust the quantity and intensity of vapour produced!

You can buy with confidence from MagicMist. Compatibility with your existing E-Cig brand is guaranteed and we offer free Worldwide Express shipping (First Class in the UK) for all orders over £25, otherwise it's just £1.99. With MagicMist you enjoy the highest quality at the most competitive prices. But don't take our word for it - with our 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee you can try the best and if not satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

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