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Ego 1100mAH Platinum Kit

3-6x More Vapour

1100mAH: 4x Higher Battery Capacity

Fully Customisable Kit inc. E-Liquid

This ultra-premium Platinum Ego kit contains everything you need and of the highest quality. Try an Ego vapourizer and enjoy an even more realistic experience, up to 6x more vapour, 4x higher battery capacity, more flavour and much longer-lasting refills than a standard E-Cig. Fully customise this kit with choice of battery and clearomizer colours, clearomizer model and our 9 incredible flavours of E-Liquid. Every component features the most advanced technology available to deliver maximum vapour, flavour and throat-hit. This is the best vapourizer kit and right now for a limited time it’s just £42. We are the original E-Liquid specialist and we have carefully crafted every component in this kit to create the ultimate experience available.

What’s Inside?
Inside you’ll find everything a true vaping connoisseur needs:

  • 2 High-Capacity 1100mAH Fixed Voltage Ego Batteries – choose from 6 colours
  • 2 Maximum Performance Clearomizers – choose from the top-coil CE4 (more flavour), CE5 (CE4 with replaceable atomizer), the latest bottom-coil Evod MT3 (more vapour, smoother less intense flavour) or our bottom-coil TankTube (same characteristics as the MT3 in a larger 7.5ml high-capacity device)
  • 2 Premium E-Liquids – choose from 9 incredible flavours each in 5 nicotine strengths
  • Handy Car Charger
  • Premium Carry Case – with space to hold multiple batteries, clearomizers, E-Liquids and a charger
  • Wall Mains Charger for faster charging and no need for a computer’s USB socket
  • Advanced USB Charger with UltraCharge technology

2 Premium High-Capacity Ego Batteries
MagicMist Ego batteries are significantly higher quality than most available, providing the ultimate performance. Our Egos charge faster, last longer and crucially generate more vapour than others - 3-6x more than an E-Cig, depending on clearomizer. With significantly higher reliability than most batteries available, these batteries should last you 6-12 months and are backed by our 3 month warranty.

Our Fixed Voltage Ego battery is available in 6 colours, has a high capacity of 1100mAH, and with perfectly balanced weight distribution feels great to hold. All coloured versions feature a premium lightly-rubberised finish which feels fantastic to grip, while the steel battery is finished in gleaming polished steel.

Choose 2 Clearomizers from 4 Maximum Performance Choices
The CE4 Clearomizer is one of the most popular devices in use, a true workhorse of vapourizers. Our MagicMist CE4 clearomizers are built to much higher quality standards than others. Top-coil technology provides a rich, full flavour, with the trade-off of less vapour production than a bottom-coil device. Our CE4s are available in 6 colours and have a 1.6ml capacity.

The CE5 Clearomizer is an upgrade to the CE4, built to MagicMist’s same high quality standards. Top-coil technology provides a rich, full flavour and our CE5s feature replaceable atomizers that keep running costs to a bare minimum. Available in 6 colours they have a 1.6ml capacity.

The EVOD MT3 clearomizer is probably the most advanced 'standard' clearomizer available. Bottom-coil technology creates significantly more vapour than top-coil clearomizers like the CE4 and CE5, with the trade-off of a less-intense, smoother, sweeter flavour. The MT3 features premium metal construction, 6 colour choices and a 1.6ml capacity. Replaceable atomizers mean this device lasts much longer than a CE4 with built-in atomizer.

The TankTube features the same bottom-coil technology and vapour & flavour characteristics as the MT3. As the name suggests, its larger size means it holds 7.5ml of E-Liquid – enough to last many vapers a week or longer. It features a clear colour perspex tank with stylish metal components. The atomizer isn’t replaceable, but replacement TankTubes are great value.

Choose From 9 Incredible E-Liquid Flavours
We are the original E-Liquid specialist, and have developed the ultimate Gourmet E-Liquid based on customer feedback. Our extensive research and careful crafting has created the very finest tastes, maximum vapour and ultimate throat-hit. We've achieved this incredible vaping experience by using the very finest ingredients and a 70:30 ratio of PG:VG providing the ultimate balance of vapour and flavour.

Our E-Liquid is available in 5 nicotine strengths to suit every preference, from 0 to Extra-High (24mg). For most users we recommend 18mg. Choose any of these delicious flavours: Original Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol, Sweet Cherry Pie, Smooth Vanilla, Indulgent Coffee, Tangy Sweet Apple, Banana Heaven, Blueberry Sweets and Strong Green Mint.

Advanced Charger
MagicMist USB chargers are the ultimate in reducing vaping down-time, providing the fastest charging times and highest reliability. Our Ego chargers are packed with features including built-in overcharge protection and two-colour LED charging progress indicators.

Plug this charger into any USB socket (such as on a computer), or combine with our wall charger or car charger to provide charging options almost anywhere. MagicMist chargers are built to last and backed by our 12 month warranty.

Or Upgrade the Battery for Even More Vapour & Flavour
Upgrade to our Kits with Variable Voltage Ego batteries and you’ll be able to control and increase the quantity and intensity of vapour and flavour produced, and enjoy our even higher 1300mAH capacity, for just a few extra pounds!
Upgrade to our Kits with iTaste Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage Passthrough batteries and you’ll enjoy variable voltage control, the highest possible vapour levels and the ability to vape while charging, all in an ultra-premium device with seriously advanced technology and ultra-high build quality.

Choose 2 E-Liquids from 9 Incredible Flavours
Our Platinum Ego Kit features all of the Deluxe kit plus an extra battery so you can always keep one charged and never be caught short of power. You also get an extra bottle of E-Liquid (so you can try two flavours or nicotine strengths) and a car charger.

You Can Buy with Confidence from MagicMist
We offer free first class/express shipping on orders over £25 (UK) or £35 (Europe). With MagicMist you enjoy the highest quality at the most competitive prices. But don't take our word for it - with our 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee you can try the best and if not satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

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