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Surgical Masks - Basic Protection

Basic protection for your face

Helps you avoid touching your mouth and nose

Offers good value for lower risk situations

Surgical masks offer some protection against viruses, but less than the protection offered by N95 and KN95 masks due to the larger air gaps where the mask touches your face and it’s lower level of particle filtration than Gold-standard N95 masks (available here) and the slightly less optimal KN95 masks (available here). Available to ship today from the UK.

A mask should only be worn for 4 hours before being discarded, which means surgical masks have become very popular due to their lower cost. The lower cost also makes it easier not to use them for more than the 4 hour recommendation, which exceeding with all masks drastically lowers protection.

Please note that medical advice is each mask is only effective for 4 hours of protection, so it is worth calculating the quantity you require based on your hours of risk exposure each day and how many months of protection you would like.

These come in boxes of 50, so it is much easier for us to fulfil multiples of 50 if you require many.

We have taken Covid-19 very seriously at MagicMist and implemented extremely rigorous hygiene and cleaning processes – this we why we have continued to offer the same standards of customer care and fast order fulfilment you have come to expect of us.

We recently took an extra step to issue all our staff with face masks for when they are travelling to our warehouse on public transport, and for our orders fulfilment team as an extra layer of protection. Just like with hand sanitiser, we couldn’t find enough stock in the UK to satisfy our requirements, so we have bought in bulk.

Due to high minimum order quantities, we had to order more than we need and thought we could offer the rest to any of our customers looking for protection against the virus when out and about or living with a suspected infected person. These are available for shipping today.

We have 3 types of masks that offer different levels of protection.

N95 Masks - The Gold Standard

KN95 Masks - Nearly as good as N95 masks, but with up to 8% air leakage

Surgical Masks (this product) - Basic protection

We recommend picking the right mask for your risk level and budget. N95 offers premium protection and of all our options we recommend the premium-quality N95 grade. We especially recommend N95 for some of the more risky situations, like if you suspect someone in your home is infected, or when you go to the supermarket. KN95 could perhaps be suitable for a journey on a relatively empty train, and Surgical masks for a run on a street or life around home where risk is lower.

We cannot stress this enough - our aim is not to profiteer or to panic our customers into buying things they hadn’t considered. We are doing this predominantly because we needed to buy a 6 month mask supply for our team and thought we could provide a helpful service to our customers with these, at a time where these items are difficult to find. We are making less profit from these products than we make from our core business, and are being entirely upfront about the level of protection these products offer.

The price we’re charging does reflect the surge in global demand and lack of supply for both the products and air shipping, which has inflated both prices for these items (we paid 500% more than normal to ship these, due to the current severe lack of air transport), we are not making a huge profit.

Masks are only effective if carefully used and handled. It is important not to touch your face or allow the mask to be contaminated when you take it on/off or put it on a surface. Please read the full use-guide we send you with your order.