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Tobacco Range Trial Pack (excluding Original Tobacco) Gourmet E-Liquid

Try all 4 of our New Tobacco Flavours at a much lower bundle price!

Thickest Vapour, Best Taste

Save up to 54%

Try all 4 of our new Tobacco flavours at a much lower bundle price! So you can try the entire range, we've discounted this to just £9.99 for 4x 10ml bottles! Each flavour is amazing, from the subtle bliss of Mellow Smoky Tobacco and the incredibly cigarette-like Smooth Tobacco, to authentic Bold Tobacco and our very special Dark & Smoky Tobacco! We are the original E-Liquid specialist, and have developed the ultimate Gourmet E-Liquid based on customer feedback. Our extensive research and careful crafting has created the very finest tastes, maximum vapour and ultimate throat-hit.

The 4 Incredible Tobacco Flavours Included Are:

Mellow Tobacco
This subtle mellow tobacco flavour has incredible silky complexities. Creamy smooth notes remind us of Davidoff cigarettes. Nuanced and well-balanced, this is our lightest tobacco and one of our best!

Smooth Tobacco
This beautifully smooth tobacco flavour has a stronger flavour than our Mellow Tobacco, giving a good depth of flavour yet without the stronger boldness or smokyness of our Original, Bold and Dark Tobacco flavours. A great flavour for vapers after a Marlborough Gold style instensity!

Bold Tobacco
This incredibly realistic tobacco flavour has a strong flavour profile giving a medium to full-bodied vape. The smokyness and stronger flavour (compared to our Smooth and Original tobaccos) also gives increased throat-hit and thicker-feeling vapour which more accurately reproduces the experience of smoking. Ideal for those looking for a robust Tobacco flavour, with a stronger/darker flavour than say a Marlborough Gold.

Dark & Smoky Tobacco
Authentic deep and dark Tobacco flavours abound in this special, unique pinnacle of our Tobacco collection. Featuring the strongest flavour of our Tobacco range with a realistic smokyness, and carefully balanced to not be overpowering, this is one of our favourites! Mature and complex, the deep full-bodied notes remind us of Lucky Strike and other dark, strong cigarettes. A wood-fired dry edge adds to the complexity and smokyness, expertly blended with smooth notes for the perfect vape!

We've achieved this incredible vaping experience through extensive development, using the very finest ingredients and a 80:20 ratio of PG:VG providing the ultimate balance of vapour and flavour.

Our E-Liquid Trial Pack is available in 4 nicotine strengths to suit every preference, from 0 to High (18mg). For most users we recommend 18mg.

You can use our Tobacco E-Liquids in any clearomizer or blank cartridge, but for maximum vapour and taste we recommend using premium MagicMist clearomizers and blank cartridges.

Our E-Liquids contain 4 ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerin (used in food and a product of coconut, soyal or palm oil)
Propylene Glycol (also used to purify air, e.g. in hospitals)
Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine

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