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Fruits Eliquid Trial Pack

Try all 5 of our Fruits Flavours at a much lower bundle price!

Thickest Vapour, Best Taste

Save up to 54%

Try all 5 of our fruit flavours, at a crazy discounted price! So you can try the entire range, we've discounted this to just £12.49 for 5x 10ml bottles! Each flavour is amazing, from the ripe Strawberry and Blueberry, to the intense Lemon, sweet Raspberry, and tropical Fruit Salad! We are the original E-Liquid specialist, and have developed the ultimate Gourmet E-Liquid based on customer feedback. Our extensive research and careful crafting has created the very finest tastes, maximum vapour and ultimate throat-hit.

The 5 juicy fruit flavours included are:

Luscious Strawberry
Bursting with ripe luscious strawberries, this is one of our best fruity vapes! Juicy accuracy and sweet notes balance this highly refreshing flavour - deliciously vapable all day. Try our favourite fruit flavour today :)

Juicy Blackberry
This deliciously fruity blackberry flavour has just the right sweetness. It's authentic flavour and aroma reminds us of homemade blackberry jam, even leaving that sweet after-taste! This is a super-accurate vape and wonderfully flavoursome!

Fruit Salad
Just like our mother made it, a delicious combination of fruits tantalises your taste buds. The perfect summer desert, with perfectly balanced notes of white grape, honeydew melon, banana and layers of many other tropical fruits (look out for the Guava!).

Raspberry Sweets
Vaping this is like the sweets are slowly melting in your mouth! Enjoy perfectly balanced raspberries and sweetness, without too much flavour intensity, creating a great all-day vape.

Lemon Sweets
Just like rolling lemon sweets around your mouth, this is incredibly true to the real thing, with that flavour only sweets provide. A fresh citrus blast of Lemon, this will tantalise your taste-buds! With an incredible amount of flavour, you’ll taste it long after you last vaped!

We've achieved this incredible vaping experience through extensive development, using the very finest ingredients and a 80:20 ratio of PG:VG providing the ultimate balance of vapour and flavour.

Our E-Liquid Trial Pack is available in 4 nicotine strengths to suit every preference, from 0 to High (18mg). For most users we recommend 18mg.

You can use our E-Liquids in any clearomizer or blank cartridge, but for maximum vapour and taste we recommend using premium MagicMist clearomizers and blank cartridges.

Our E-Liquids contain 4 ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerin (used in food and a product of coconut, soyal or palm oil)
Propylene Glycol (also used to purify air, e.g. in hospitals)
Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine

You can buy with confidence from MagicMist. We offer free Worldwide Express shipping (First Class in the UK) for all orders over £25, and otherwise it's just £1.99. With MagicMist you enjoy the highest quality at the most competitive prices. But don't take our word for it - with our 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee you can try the best and if not satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

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