Realism Pro Silver Deluxe Kit - Hyper Real Vapour, Fast Charge, Pro Power

Next-generation Hyper-Real Vapour

Engineered to give the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette

Twist-on pre-filled refills
Fast-Charge Pro-Power battery

The world's latest technology,
in a cig-size device

Realism Pro Silver ushers in an entire new generation of E-Cig technology. Taking the power of much larger devices, we've used the power to give Hyper-Real Vapour, Hit & Satisfaction, rather than huge clouds of vapour. Then we miniaturised the technology down to cigarette size! Realism Pro is engineered to offer the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette. Fast-Charge to 80% in around 30min and enjoy pre-filled refills that never leak and have 2 windows so you can see how much E-Liquid is left. This kit contains 9 refills, 2 Fast-Charge batteries and 2 USB Chargers.

What’s Inside?
Inside you’ll find everything you'll need to enjoy Hyper-Real Vapour on an every-day basis:

  • 2 Fast-Charge Pro-Power Steel Batteries, high 280mAh capacity - so you can have one charging while using the other
  • 4 Twist-on No-leak Refills - choose either Bold Smoky Tobacco 20mg & Original Tobacco 18mg, or Menthol 20mg & Menthol 18mg
  • 1 Pack of 5 extra Refills - choose any flavour and any of our 5 strengths of 20mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg or 0mg
  • 2 Fast-Charge USB chargers

Hyper-Real Vapour | Hit | Satisfaction
We have specifically engineered Realism Pro to give the closest hit & satisfaction to a cigarette. This is the world's latest technology, providing warm, thick vapour with smoke-like texture, coming as close to cigarettes as possible.

Our Realism Pro refills are available in 5 strengths from 20mg to 0mg.

Fast-Charge to 80% in around 30 minutes
For ultra-convenience plug the charger into any USB socket (such as on a computer), or combine with our wall charger or car charger to provide fast-charging options almost anywhere.

Pro-Power Battery
Realism Pro batteries contain a unique and specially designed battery cell, to provide the Pro levels of power and fast-charging that Realism Pro offers. The battery has a large 280mAh capacity, capable of lasting 1 day for many users, and is backed by our 3 month warranty.

Get Even Better Value with a Platinum Kit
Get everything you need with our Platinum Kit. It includes all of this Deluxe kit plus another extra pack of 5 cartridges (so 14 in total, which could last around 10-14 days vs perhaps 6-9 days from this kit), a handy Fast-Charge car charger and a mains wall charger for faster charging times + no need for a computer USB socket.

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