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Tonix Peppermint Sweets High VG ELiquid

Sweet and creamy peppermint that is soothing to both body and soul

Huge levels of ultra-smooth vapour, popular American flavours

Save up to 47%

A romance of the senses, Peppermint Sweets is a flavourful union of sweet and sensory stimulating peppermint. Created using natural peppermint extract sweetened to perfection and enhanced with a creamy finish, this delectably cool vape juice imposes an invigorating pleasure getaway your senses are destined to enjoy.

This high VG Eliquid is perfectly suited to powerful sub-ohm devices, like our Wall Crawler. For standard devices like our Ego or MT3 (or any clearomizer), we recommend MagicMist or Element5050 liquid.

Tonix Eliquid by Element brings you some awesome American desert flavours.

Tonix Peppermint Sweets High-VG E-Liquid is specially formulated for sub-ohm tanks and RDAs, usually found on MOD batteries - like our Wall Crawler kit. The high VG creates incredible flavour and huge clouds of vapour! For standard cartridges and tanks (like our Ego MT3 or any clearomizers) we recommend you check out our MagicMist and Element 50VG:50PG ranges which are designed for these devices.

Tonix Peppermint Sweets E-Liquid is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. Because this E-Liquid is designed to be used with high-power devices, this should give you roughly the same nicotine hit as a 12mg-18mg liquid on a standard device. We recommend starting with 6mg for most people moving to vaping from smoking.

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